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Gary Flake, to MSFT

By - April 17, 2005

Gary FlakeI’ve pinged Gary and asked if he’ll give Searchblog an interview, I’ve known him for a while, since about 2002 when I started working on the book idea. Gary was chief scientist at Overture, then head of research at Yahoo. This is a major coup for MSFT, certainly. I’m eager to find out what really behind the move. Was it a lack of interesting stuff to work on at Yahoo? A bad fit after the Overture integration? In any case, I hope to have more soon.

Meanwhile, the /. thread is here, MSN blog post is here. Webmasterworld thread here.

Gary’s old Yahoo home page.

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    I was chatting to Dr Flake at web 2.0, with his Yahoo! hat on. We were discussing a paper he co-wrote whilst at Yahoo! called “The Ying to the Semantics web Yang – well worth read.