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Yahoo, Ten Years!

By - March 01, 2005

1995-TmI’ve posted in the past on how Yahoo will turn ten this year, the image at left is from a Web 2.0 presentation we did back in October (by the way, I’m busy building the program for this year, and it looks awesome, already have a dozen folks lined up and I’m really excited…send me your ideas…) Anyway, a kind reader sent me a note that on Weds Yahoo plans to launch a microsite that, the reader tells me, “will be linked to from the main page. The microsite “will feature companies, news, historical events, popular culture, Yahoo! milestones, and innovations which are relevant to the past 10 years of the Web.” Keep an eye out for it!

Yahoo has had a spate of press coverage lately, from the Journal, Wired, and others. It’s SES Show week in NYC (wish I was there, but alas I could not make it) and Jerry Yang gave the keynote. Gary Price did a nice walk down memory lane here. Good coverage of SES here and here.

UPDATE: Here’s the ten year retrospective link

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10 thoughts on “Yahoo, Ten Years!

  1. Kim Benabib says:

    Jerry Yang was on Charlie Rose last night. You might want to order the transcript if you missed it.

  2. Coul Mullen says:


    I’m writing to see if you could take a look at these two sites I put together and tell me what you think.

    thanks for any wisdom you might bestow,


  3. jeff young says:

    Coul, both these websites are very impressive and seeming to be very useful. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  4. John says:

    Very nice Coul, my browser has just found a new start page!

  5. Marcus Gittines says:

    What ever happen to topic hunter?!? I used that site every day…

  6. Mark Johnson says:

    Now Yahoo gets its power from Bing!

  7. Mark Johnson says:

    Microsoft is to rebrand its advertising arm as part of a deeper partnership with search firm Yahoo.
    The name for the partners’ collective advertising offering will be the Yahoo Bing Network, according to a new Microsoft blog post.
    Bing Ads will replace the Microsoft platform formerly known as adCenter. This rebranding has also already been launched on the adCenter landing page.
    Bing Ads, like adCenter, will be offered to businesses wishing to place advertisements in search results, or what will now be known as the Yahoo Bing Network.
    “We’d like to take a moment to introduce to you the Yahoo Bing Network, the new name for the unique audience that uses Yahoo Search, and Bing, and our partner sites,” said Tina Kelleher, Microsoft community manager.
    “Delivering a high-quality audience, the Yahoo Bing Network is comprised of 151 million unique searchers in the US who are likely to spend 24 per cent more than the average searcher, and likely to spend five per cent more than Google searchers in the US.”
    Microsoft and Yahoo announced a 10-year search partnership in July 2009, shortly after Carol Bartz took over the chief executive post from Jerry Yang. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft’s Bing powers Yahoo search, while Yahoo heads up the search advertising strategy.
    Yahoo reported in April last year that the partnership had caused its business financial difficulties. There was also a question over whether new chief executive Marissa Mayor would keep the agreement going.

    Microsoft posted and then retracted their announcement of renaming the search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo to the Yahoo Bing Network. Part of that announcement is that Microsoft adCenter, the name of Microsoft’s search ad network, is now being renamed to Bing Ads.

    You can see the retracted blog post on the new Yahoo Bing Network blog. It says, “Introducing the Yahoo! Bing Network” and talks about how “Bing Ads, the platform formerly known as adCenter” is the new name for adCenter.

    The functionality and advertising network seems to be unchanged. Rather, this seems to be just a rebranding of the network.

    You can follow the new brand at There is a Facebook page and a Twitter account. As you navigate to the old blog and advertiser login, you will see the new “Bing Ads” logo – also at

    I do find it interesting that Yahoo’s name comes before the Bing brand. It is fairly known that Microsoft runs the technology behind the ad network but Yahoo runs the people, support and sales behind the ad network.

    Here is the blog post that was pulled down tonight from the Microsoft Advertising Blog, renamed the Bing Ads blog:

    Today we are pleased to introduce you to the Yahoo! Bing Network, the new official name for our combined search marketplace. It reflects the commitment of both Microsoft and Yahoo! to bring you a broad, high-value, and engaged audience that helps grow your business.
    The Yahoo! Bing Network represents the highly engaged, valuable audiences that use Yahoo! Search, Bing, and our partner sites. With Bing Ads, the platform formerly known as adCenter, advertisers can tap into this audience, which is comprised of 151 million unique searchers in the U.S. who are likely to spend 24% more than the average searcher, and likely to spend 5% more than Google searchers in the U.S.*

    The Yahoo! Bing Network a must-buy for search advertisers seeking new customers while meeting key performance objectives. With ongoing platform enhancements and strategic account teams, we deliver the visibility and additional insight to better connect you to our significant, distinct and high-value audience. Contact your account manager or support team to find out more and be sure to follow the Yahoo! Bing Network on Facebook and Twitter.

    Postscript: More details are now live on the new Bing Ads blog. They said it is not just a brand facelift but they also made several improvements over the past few months including “a new web interface, improved ad rotation controls, and agency enablement tools that make it easier for agencies to manage multiple accounts.” All of these seem to have been released while under the adCenter brand, I believe.

  8. Coul Mullen says:

    the retrospective link is DEAD …

  9. Coul Mullen says:

    The retrospective link is DEAD..

    • johnbattelle says:

      Will look into it thanks

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