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WordPress: Not Good

By - March 31, 2005

Joho covers the WordPress news: apparently the company has been hiding linkfarms in its pages, so as to make some AdSense lucre. Joho’s take is quite considered.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress: Not Good

  1. Tom N says:

    It seems to me that the quality of the wordpress pages would be the major issue.

    Sence we can’t see them anymore, its hard to judge if they were pure spam or useful tips to keep in mind.

    There is so much malicious advice and Searchengine results can be so messed up that some-one reminding people of the obvious still can be doing a useful service.

    I don’t know that people can be reminded too often to get three quotes and references for a contractor, yet if (to use an older analogy) people called and booked the plumber with the biggest ad in the yellow pages they could be ripped off.

    If word-presses “key word” packed pages were full of useful consumer tips, I’d call the failure one more of the search engines rather than some sort of anti-social effort by wordpress.

    Really, thats a great thing about the internet, that, “how-to” pages that might run counter to the biggest advertisers desires, can be display right next to the ads.

  2. buschen says:

    Does Search engines penalty this type of websites which include link farm?