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TrendMapper Watches Keywords

By - March 24, 2005

TrendmapA cool hack from Eirik Solheim, TrendMapper pings engines on a regular basis and maps results. I love this kind of service, it provides a view of history and zeitgiest that inforrms our understanding of search and its impact on culture and business. From Elrik’s email:

“I have been using search engines to track interest for a subject for a long time. I have done this manually by searching for the same term at regular intervals, keeping track of the amount of hits and look for any significant growth.

Google talks about how many searches pr. day for specific words and phrases to track popularity, still I haven’t really found a service that can give me a historical view of the amounts of hits on a subject.”

If anyone knows of similar services, let me know!

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4 thoughts on “TrendMapper Watches Keywords

  1. Nicholas says:

    The link on this article is broken. You forgot the “http://”.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    John – this sounds similar to G-Metrics:

  3. lee says:

    Another similar site at trend watcher