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Snap On Logos

By - March 24, 2005

SnapstatsEvery so often I head over to to see how they are doing. They have an uphill climb ahead – it’s not easy starting a new engine, traffic is scarce, and fueling the increasing returns fire is a black art.

But I was recently pointed to this little tidbit – Snap lets companies, or, I suppose, anyone – upload their logo so it appears with their listing. Another sign of input into how you look in that database of intentions.

Meanwhile, it sure is fun to stare at Snap’s statistics page.

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2 thoughts on “Snap On Logos

  1. johnk says:

    I think the innovation that Snap is driving will end up being valuable, and they will get bought. Someone will want CPA and Snap will be the choice. Also with AskJ out of play, there really aren’t that many search properties that make an impact.

    A bit more on CPA and why contextual search CPA could lead the move: