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New Book, New Model

By - March 02, 2005

Book2My friend John Heilemann points me to the site for this new book, Safe: The race to protect ourselves in a newly dangerous world. This is a bit off topic for my site, but the folks behind the book are old colleagues and wonderful people, and the book itself is the expression of a new model in authorship, pioneered by Katrina Heron, who took over the editorship of Wired magazine a few months after I left to start the Standard. From the site FAQ:

Safe was a collaborative effort; having multiple authors allowed us to address a broader range of subjects than any one of us could have. It enabled us to talk to a vast collection of thinkers in a relatively short time, and to find links and themes connecting wide areas of counterterrorism-related research. Technology moves quickly, and working together also helped us to make the book as current as possible.

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