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More On Yahoo and Media

By - March 01, 2005

I’ve written a lot about this, so I’ll spare the retread, and just point to yet another example of Yahoo’s media ambitions, this Wired piece. It focuses on Semel and media, but the best quote has to do with Web 2.0 and it comes from Yang:

As a 10-year-old Yahoo! looks to the decade ahead, there are powerful forces driving the business. Technological change and further customization will be constants. But there’s another factor that excites cofounder Jerry Yang enough to keep him coming into the office every day: the network effect. “All those things we talked about in the early days of the Internet are just now starting to come true,” he says. “Access isn’t sufficient. It’s not enough to search. You also have to find – and then share with others. That’s where this company is going and I want to be there to see it.”

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One thought on “More On Yahoo and Media

  1. Hi John,

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on how Yahoo’s Web Services will help drive their media strategy. Here are my thoughts:


    Richard MacManue
    Read/Write Web