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Indeed Launches Domain Search for Jobs

By - March 28, 2005

I wrote of Indeed a while back, when it was pre-launch, today it launches. Expect to hear more and more about this trend – domain-focused crawls with innovative front ends. I saw one at PCForum which launches tonight, will have write up later….Also, in the same vein as Indeed is SimplyHired, recently launched as well.

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One thought on “Indeed Launches Domain Search for Jobs

  1. These are certainly interesting developments for the online recruitment space.

    A meta jobs search engine is very convenient, as is any meta search engine that consolidates results.

    However, just as there are people who will only use a meta search engine to look for something or someone there are still people who will only use a single search engine.

    I think that this will also happen with the job meta search engines in that some people will use and other people will still prefer to go directly to a job board.


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