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By - March 01, 2005

BrightcoveMore on the TV over IP meme – Jeremy Allaire, who has more than a few years of entrepreneurship under his belt – is launching Bright Cove, an “exploding TV” company, as Fred Wilson puts it. It’s got serious money behind it – more than $5 million at launch from Accel and General Catalyst. Om has more coverage – he calls it “a platform for the little guy.” This sounds promising.

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One thought on “BrightCove

  1. Dietrich Adler says:

    Forget it. You want TV for the little guy, look to compaies that are letting anyone broadcast their video and audio over the Internet for next to nothing. Companies like olivelink ( are pretty much letting anyone with a PC and a broadband connection become broadcasters without cool VC words like “empowerment” and the hefty price tags that go with it. You want the future of micro-broadcasting, look there, not (undoubtedly) over-priced tools like Brightcove.