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BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox

By - March 30, 2005

Bloglines-1Bloglines announced an update today – the first since the Ask Jeeves acquisition (and the IAC acquisition, come to think of it.)

Starting today, people can track the shipping progress of package deliveries from some of the world’s largest parcel shipping companies—FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Servicewithin their Bloglines MyFeeds page. Package tracking in Bloglines encompasses international shipments, in English. Bloglines readers can look forward to collecting more kinds of unique-to-me information on Bloglines in the near future, such as neighborhood weather updates and stock portfolio tracking.

This is interesting. It’s sort of Bloglines meets search (Google et al can track packages etc.) meets …. Topix….meets…well, pretty much anything. I can’t quite grok this, honestly, which is why I am looking forward to talking with Mark, Bloglines CEO (now VP/GM at Ask). Anything else I should ask him?

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4 thoughts on “BlogLines Update: The Universal InBox

  1. John, may I recommend my post from last week – which covers this topic. And can you ask Mark for me: is Bloglines/Jeeves stepping up to the Heavyweight division to compete head-on with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft? 😉 (he may know my name from the RSS Market Share series of posts I ran back in December)

    title: Bloglines’ Search-based Makeover – In The Big League Now

  2. DomesticMouse says:

    As a Bloglines user, I am intrigued to know if he is thinking about ways to change the UI to allow better/different/odd ways of visualising the data feeds. I have some 150 subscriptions, and I really want to be able to surf the feeds from different points of view…

  3. What does he think about the problem of putting ads on Bloglines and it not being his content.

    There are some people saying that they would pull their authorization of using the RSS feed to run ads on and others who argue that it’s just similar to gmail, in that gmail also places ads on your content.

    Where does he think this will go generally, not only specifically to bloglines. They might not really run ads in the future, but then, why don’t they?

  4. ID:entity says:

    When are all those great vertical travel bargin feeds going to become available?