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Union Square Ventures

By - February 10, 2005

Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham have started a fund – reportedly oversubscribed – that will invest at the intersection of technology, media, and disruptive internet models. I’m very pleased they are doing this, and there is such interest from institutional money. I like these guys a lot (caveat, Fred’s previous fund, Flatiron, invested in The Standard) and met with them today when I was in NYC. It was nice to be able to congratulate them in person on closing their fund and getting on with investing. They noted, as we spoke, that the advent of lightweight business models and the excesses of the bubble make it actually harder to invest in Web 2.0. That’s good, I think – it really makes investing a considered decision on both sides. I am sure they’ll have a great time, and thanks to Fred’s site, we can keep tabs on how it’s going in real time.

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