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Searchblog Print?!

By - February 10, 2005

Sblog PrintWell, yes, in fact! I have a buddy who is involved in Qoop, a very cool new company that makes print editions of online content. It’s still very much in beta, but one day he came ambling down my stairs with a big, bound copy of Searchblog, with all the posts from 2004 inside of it. It was really cool to see, and he asked if I would be something of a test case for his company. Why of course I would, I repQooplied. So here you have it (I put a link to this on the left side of the page, it’ll stay there for as long as folks click on it). The price is a bit steep (a bit under $30 – I get about a third of that), but it has something like 100K words, all of them exceedingly wise, of course, and it’s an excellent example of one-off printing – no inventory, no backend warehouses, it’s online to print, and it’s direct. Think about this plus Google Print, for example. Or Flickr. Whoa. In that perspective, I’m honored to be a test case. Long tail, ho!

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5 thoughts on “Searchblog Print?!

  1. Funny, I also recently turned my Google Blogoscoped into a book! Over at, that is. I then bought it myself and it’s currently shipping. But it’s more of an experiment, I threw together the content of select blog posts over a night, because I want to see what works and what doesn’t before I spent more time on this. Of course I just had to buy your book too, I’m too curious to not to buy it! By the way, ordering was a bit of a hassle for me as German user: the Qoop system would require a state even for Germany, and would always turn my input or lack of input into “LA”. I’m sure I’d love LA but I just don’t live there…

  2. This plus Wikipedia. 🙂

  3. Philipp –

    We apologize for the issue you had. We are working on finishing our own cart

  4. Jason says:

    Wow…this is hot! Just ordered a copy JBAT!

  5. Shayne says:

    Bill –

    Despite my respect for John and his writing, there’s no way I would purchase this without seeing a sample of the inside. How is it designed? Is there any added value to the print edition? Is there an Index, TOC, foreword, special content, footnotes? How does the publisher handle cross-referencing (hyperlinks)? Or is it just a straight text dump?

    From a publisher’s perspective, how does Qoop measure up against Lulu, BlogBinders, CafePress, Lightning Print, etc? Thanks….