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Googler Says: Google's Corporate Blog Is Lame

By - February 27, 2005

OK the “lame” was my addition. But it sure is nice to see some constructive criticism from a real live Googler. Massless is the site of Chris Wetherell, a UI jockey at Google. This was posted over a week ago, but I’m just catching up on some of my reading.

The Google Blog hasn’t caught up yet. It’s a surprising mis-representation – the culture we work in is fast, decisive, and colloquial but the blog voice is stiff. It’s your not-so-cool uncle unbuttoning his shirt, listening to The Postal Service (but only the single of Such Great Heights) and proclaiming that Yeah, I totally dig your stuff you kids, this hip-hop speaks to me too. Um. Dogg. *flashes hang ten sign*.

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One thought on “Googler Says: Google's Corporate Blog Is Lame

  1. ugur says:

    dou you have speak google toolbar you Inderstand me

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