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GOOG Surprises Em Again

By - February 15, 2005

HappytraderIt was no black monday – the stock went up yesterday (WashPost), despite heavy trading, and is making a run today as well.

From the WP piece:

“There is so much demand for this stock it is amazing,” said Tom Taulli, co-founder of, which tracks initial public offerings. “It doesn’t seem to let up.”

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2 thoughts on “GOOG Surprises Em Again

  1. Brian says:

    hey john,

    just curious, do you own shares of google? not that you have to tell us details, just interested to know if you’re a shareholder.


  2. Hey – nope, I own no shares of companies I write about. My wife hates that rule. We coulda bought AOL in 1987, Apple in 1989, MSFT in 1991….