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  • Michael Fagan

    This is old news. Google originally posted this when they took Google Groups (the original one) out of beta, and announced the 20-year-archive.

  • Andrew Gray

    I remember seeing this three years ago, and it’s been linked from one of their pages since then (and not notably updated, either). I’m not quite sure why it’s suddenly reappeared…

  • nate koechley

    The page even today has a 2003 copyright, and tracks it back to 12/12/2001. It *is* entertaining to read though.

    I was suprised that the Linux Annoucement (Oct ’91) was just 2 months after the WWW Announcement (Aug ’91)

  • Anand Swaminathan

    Many of the thread links seem to have gone stale now. Ex: The GNU announcement by Stallman thread