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Topix Pushes MicroPublishing Forward

By - January 03, 2005

This just in from Topix founder Rich Skrenta; has added news channels to track any stories for 2,500 privately-held startups, scanned from the 10,000 sources is crawling. The tracking channel was designed in association with Bob Karr’s, which maintains the database of private company profiles which we’re using for the automated news scan. There is also a related channel which tracks press releases from any of the same 2,500 startups. In addition we’ve got a general Venture Capital industry news channel.

This is an interesting development – a good example of innovation in assembly, one of the main themes of Web 2.0.

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2 thoughts on “Topix Pushes MicroPublishing Forward

  1. Eric says:

    Great Google production on 60 Minutes.

    Everything you said about Google was very kind.

    “Google gives great search results!” Sergey and Larry at Webby Awards

    “We love you, Google Users!” Sergey and Larry at Webby Awards

    Gah Gah Over Google


    Thank you very much,


  2. samuel says:

    que once

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