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The Yahoo Ticker

By - January 21, 2005

MytickerTickers have been around for while – I remember during Push 1.0 everyone was downloading a stock or news ticker app for their desktop. Then everyone uninstalled it – it crashed the PC or made it unbearably slow, or was simply irritating and a waste of screen real estate.

Well, every good idea deserves another chance, and this time Yahoo’s on the case with a beta of a new kind of ticker, one that rolls not just stock info, but just about anything in RSS – so you can monitor, say, Technorati tags or Yahoo News alerts. Oh, and it has a search box, natch. As usual, it’s PC only, IE only. Sigh. More on the Yahoo Search Blog.

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4 thoughts on “The Yahoo Ticker

  1. Sony PSP says:

    there are a few ex-Pointcast technical folks there at yahoo so RSS is a natural extension from financial info…

  2. Seamus says:

    It’s possibly being advertised as IE-only but it’s running fine in Mozilla Firefox on my computer right now…

  3. The ticker doesn’t run “in” a browser, so it shouldn’t matter if you actually use IE.

  4. Here is a sweet, no extra screen space consuming stock ticker extension for Firefox: