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Sixty on Google

By - January 03, 2005


60 Minutes aired a long piece on Google last night, and instead of summarizing, I’ll just link to the transcript. For avid watchers of all things Google, the piece did not go very deep, but then again, as Leslie Stahl told me during our interview, they have to make this stuff make sense to people who have never given Google a second thought.

I’m tempted to Monday morning quarterback my participation in the piece, but I’ll simply state this: I’ve never been entirely happy with the quotes someone has chosen when it comes to a piece of journalism that includes me, and I imagine that will also be true of the sources in my book. Journalists do their best to be true to a source’s intent, but it’s an imperfect craft. Of course I thought I said all sort of interesting things that didn’t make it into the piece (we spoke for nearly an hour), but on the other hand, many friends have assured me I didn’t make an ass of myself, so I’m happy with that result. I was surprised that I was the only “outside voice,” but given that Google cooperated with the program and gave them lots of access, I guess it makes sense that they gave as much airtime as they could to the actual subjects. They did show actual paper copies of the GLAT (Google Labs Aptitude Test) and Slashdot is tearing through the piece here.

Thanks to all of you for bearing with the extended hiatus I took over the past ten or so days, I got a lot of work done on the book, and am closing in – just 2 chapters to go, for the most part. I’m trying to get a full first draft done by the end of this month. My publisher is now weighing whether to push the book out quickly – late spring – or wait until September – which would be a “normal” amount of time given the completion date of the manuscript.

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6 thoughts on “Sixty on Google

  1. vangorilla says:

    Great job on 60 Minutes. As always insightful, thought provoking. Maybe one of your 2005 predictions will bear a “mind-blowing” way.


  2. Brett Tabke says:

    Very well done. You came off as the smartest thing in the peice. You predicted cell phone comparison shopping, while Google predicted web page translations!? (what was that all about!? whew…hello 1996 and Babelfishy…)

  3. Thanks Brett, coming from you, that’s a high compliment!

  4. bingbing says:

    “I think if anyone were to buy, you know, a new Mercedes convertible and drive around with the stereo blaring, and miss work a couple days because they

  5. Relax, I was on TV a while ago (in Korea, an in-law thing), and the deepest thing they got me saying was that I had fallen asleep during Beauty and the Beast. Embrace your inner TV dork.

    You got some good points in, stayed away from cliches, and you must be dreaming if you think journalists don’t edit any way they want. Overall you added some zing to an otherwise routine Stanford-to-riches story.

    If I had a dime for every tech CEO who drives a junker to work…

  6. TwittyBird says:

    Go on over to he’s blasting 60 minutes for your sound bites! Dont take it personally. Its just the web.