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MSN Riposte to MyYahoo RSS Coming

By - January 11, 2005

MymsnA birdy with an abiding interest has told me that MSN, through its MyMSN service, will tonight “quietly launch several new features for MyMSN, one of which is the ability to discover, read and search through blog and RSS content.” You will also be able to add RSS feeds to your MyMSN page, just like MyYahoo. Innaresting, no?

Apparently this will be powered by Moreover.

Meanwhile, Dave Winer has launched a conversation about standardizing this whole RSS “Add to” clutter…for more, see here.

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2 thoughts on “MSN Riposte to MyYahoo RSS Coming

  1. very interesting idea of Winer: sort of Furling your rss feeds in an OPML directory. Put a website on top of the OPML “bookmarks” and of we go. This would be interesting for the users (who become less reliant on their feedreaders) but also for the industry (who could use the OPML repository for interesting apps).