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Lucene In Action

By - January 10, 2005

LuceneA long overdue props to Erik and Otis, the folks behind Lucene In Action, a recently completed book on the open source search app. Congrats to them both!

From Erik’s email to me, a cool approach to the ebook:

Here’s what the site is: a blog along with a “search inside” the book feature. I indexed per-section the book contents. There are two indexes under the covers, one for the blog and another for the book. Searches are searching across both indexes, so you’ll see book snippets (though only partial content) and blog (full-content) highlighted with the terms you searched on. We’ve got cool plans to expand this (take *that* Amazon “search inside” and Google Print!).

Good luck and congrats again on finishing the book!

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One thought on “Lucene In Action

  1. Jozef Imrich says:

    May the word spreads fast in the digital river and take action.

    I will read the ebook with a digital pencil and make notes …