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By - January 15, 2005

Many of you may have noticed that last night Searchblog was hacked, apparently by someone in Albania (!). For a brief period of time my site redirected to a very odd page, and it appeared I had entirely lost my mind. All is well now, though we have some backend housekeeping to do. Thanks to the many readers who alerted me.

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3 thoughts on “Hacked!

  1. Doug Mehus says:

    No problem. Just glad the blog’s back.

    Keep Postin’!


  2. Jim Bursch says:

    I’d be interested to hear how you got hacked, in case there are precautions I need to take on my blog.

  3. Scot Hacker says:

    Jim, as far as we can tell, the attackers exploited recently discovered vulnerabilities in PHP when running in certain modes. We have since locked down PHP pretty tight, with register_globals=off and safe_mode=on. These two changes make PHP programming a bit harder and broke some older customer scripts and apps, but we’ve got everything fixed and working now, and the PHP environment has been *significantly* hardened.