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Filangy: PersonalWeb Search Engine

By - January 14, 2005

FilangyThanks to Doug Cutting, news of Filangy, a Nutch-based personal search engine that watches where you go and creates your own web index of sites you’ve seen (and incorporates general web search as well). It’s still in early beta, you have to sign up to use it.

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5 thoughts on “Filangy: PersonalWeb Search Engine

  1. Do they plan to be bought by Yahoo! or is the design an accident? 😉

  2. victor says:

    I thought the design looked exactly like the adwords and AdSense sign up pages.

    I’m curious what differentiates this from Google Desktop? I suppose it is combinging google desktop with

  3. pablotossi says:

    the same… the same…

  4. Al Sargent says:

    Interesting… I wonder what plans they have to incorporate history and bookmarks?