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By - January 27, 2005

I’m on my way back from Davos, after four days of mind bending interaction. I’d love to do a long post, but I have to leave shortly to drive to Zurich, then fly to SF. So perhaps later. Suffice to say, search was all over this conference, in ways both subtle and overt. Larry, Sergey and Eric of Google were all here, I got to spend some quality time with Sergey today, finishing the last part of my reporting on the book’s final chapter.

The number of extraordinary folks here, combined with their diversity of view points and backgrounds – I met folks from all parts of the world – really does mitigate the otherwise rather unnerving reality of the world’s leaders all conferring in an exclusive ski resort in Switzerland.

Tonight I attended a Davos dinner on blogging, it was a great conversation, more on Davos in general here.

In any case, I will be traveling for the next 36 hours, so posting will be…light.

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