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Ask Pokes Fun At Google

By - January 21, 2005

AskskiThis week much of the Googleplex is off on the company ski vacation. So Ask pokes fun by showing Jeeves sitting at his desk, clearly working, but dreaming of snowboarding. When you click on Jeeves, you see a smart answer showing the current conditions at Squaw Valley, where the Google ski trip is taking place. Fun!

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4 thoughts on “Ask Pokes Fun At Google

  1. Nick Douglas says:

    And for those who want a quick link to Jeeves:

  2. Vikash Patel says:

    Interesting stuff!

  3. MikeM says:

    Google has 66,000 results for the search term Squaw Valley ski conditions, Jeeves has 10,400. I don’t know about you guys but I usually find the info I need at ohhh…about 6,000 or so. At some point you have to believe relevant metasearch will rule the search world.
    Give me 10 good results on ski conditions, it’s really more than I need.