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Yahoo Desktop Search to Launch

By - December 09, 2004

The FT has the scoop. Deal based on X1 (Bill Gross’s well-received PC search software – man, Overture, Picasa, Snap, now this…)

More in the morning. From the FT, which I think (inadvertently, I am sure) broke an embargo to publish this (I have seen a demo and was planning on posting late tonight or in the morning):

Jeff Weiner, head of search at Yahoo, described the desktop software as “the next natural evolution of search”.

But he also cast the software as part of a broader strategy that would let users tap into Yahoo’s wider array of internet services. The first test version of the software would be available over the web early in the new year, he added.

Like Google’s desktop tool, the Yahoo product will initially make it easier to find email and files stored on the hard drive of a PC. The internet company then plans to extend the software to draw in other personal information stored on servers over the web, said Mr Weiner.

AP Story.

(By the way, I’m told that Ask will launch its desktop search product next week, Dec. 15th, to be exact.)

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4 thoughts on “Yahoo Desktop Search to Launch

  1. Bill Gross says:

    Thanks for the comment on PC search softare, John. But you left out a few . There was Magellan, in 1987, and CitySearch, in 1995, and probably a few more. I guess I’ve been pretty consumed by a passion for creating better search for a long time. I hope our starting these efforts can have a big impact on the search space and really help people manage information much better.

  2. Doug Mehus says:

    Also, you’re assuming Yahoo! has acquired X1 Technologies, John, when you rattle off Idealab! companies that have been launched or acquired.

    Yahoo! could simply have arranged a strategic partnership for X1 to build and deploy a custom, co-branded Yahoo! desktop search tool.


  3. Sorry if I was unclear. What I meant is that Bill has an amazing history of innovation and deals in search, I did not mean to imply that X1 was purchased by Yahoo. So far, it is just a partnership, not an acquisition. Right Bill?! And, yes, I am certainly aware of Magellan, Citysearch et al. It’s in the book!

  4. Dan Housman says:

    Wow. I love that Gross guy. I wish I could be as successful as he is. I thought he was down and out but he is rising back like a Phoenix. He spreads around his sales to Yahoo!, Google, wherever. He gives hope to us start-up entrepreneurial junkies that it is possible to be successful and have lots of ventures cranking at once. I am on start-up number two at Viapoint and we are in the desktop content organization business which is the other half of finding a file to complement what desktop searh does. This is why this article caught my eye. We have a free version coming that will integrate with Google Desktop Search that will be available in February.