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Several Worth Reviewing…

By - December 01, 2004

From SEW. First, the Google lawyers are busy, suing a competitor of their recent acquisition Keyhole. Second, Gary does an appreciation of Eugene Garfield, father of citation analysis, whose spirit was most definitely in the room last night as I spoke with Larry and Sergey (for the book.) Larry was quite energized by the portion of our conversation that dealt with annotation and citation analysis. (After all, what is the web but one great big annotation engine, right?!)

Lastly, noting recent reports on the Chinese Google News controversy, Danny furthers an issue dear to my heart, transparency with regard to how results are obtained (my take on the China portion of this issue is here).

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One thought on “Several Worth Reviewing…

  1. Chris DiBona says:

    Here is what I know about that case:

    Plaintiff skyline sued keyhole in massachusetts. Keyhole filed a motion to transfer the case to california. And then google filed a lawsuit in california seeking a declaration of noninfringement and patent invalidity.

    Chris DiBona
    Open Source Program Manager, Google Inc.