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Pell On Google Suggest: Po = Poetry?

By - December 10, 2004

Dave Pell checks out Google Suggest and does the one letter test, and the results are fun. He wonders, however:

I find it hard to believe that more people who type in the letters P-O are ultimately looking for poetry than porn.

That’s safesearch for ya!

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2 thoughts on “Pell On Google Suggest: Po = Poetry?

  1. Darren says:

    Google appears to have pulled an MSN Spaces–they have excised a number of ‘questionable’ terms from the suggestion list. The reasoning behind their approach is dubious. For example, the app won’t suggest ‘lesbian’ or ‘homosexual’, but it will suggest ‘dyke’. Anything related to ‘anal’ or ‘oral’ is out, but ‘wanker’ and ‘golden shower’ are in. ‘Asshole’ is out, but ‘assholic’ and ‘asstastic’ are in.

    I’ve created a decent-sized list of what Google approves and disapproves:

  2. This is the most important new feature, from a GOOG shareholder perspective, to come out since AdSense.