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New: AdMarketplace

By - December 08, 2004

admarketplaceAnother contextual ad player enters the space, this one with the experience of having served the keyword-driven graphical banners on eBay for the past 18 months.

AdMarketplace takes the auction based approach of paid search, but for graphical banners. It’s been around for a while, so I guess this is a relaunch. If it’s any good, expect Google and Yahoo, not to mention MSFT, to take a long hard build/buy look at the company.

I am talking to the CEO soon, I hope. My first question: why not scale this to the tail? Can bloggers play?

The company is owned by a company called Conducive Corporation, based in San Leandro, CA and NY. Their site is a monopage with no info, and I can’t find anything on who’s backing AdMarketplace, so I’ll be asking that as well.

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4 thoughts on “New: AdMarketplace

  1. steve says:

    I have been using ebaykeywords which is run by AdMarketplace. I have not been very impressed with their service/support. They have done well with ebay sellers becuase they are the only way to get any promotion across ebay without doing a big huge mega buy with doubleclick for adspace on ebay. It will be interesting to see how they stack up once they go beyond the ebay garden wall. You can see more on what they are doing by going to

  2. Arlo says:

    Be very wary of admarketplace… they don’t pay their publishers.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Admarketplace is a scam of advertising. They do not longer run ads in eBay since september 2006. There has to be a reason why eBay drop them.

    Since they do not run ads in eBay they have merged with other companies that provide very poor quality traffic. We cancelled the service and we had to wait over 1 month and several phone calls to get the balance on our account.

    Save your money and don’t use them, 0% ROI on this service.

  4. diana says:

    I’m glad I saw this , I was asking ebay I even called to ask about some service they had where you can advertise with ebay and place your banner. I been looking for them so there of ebay. They still have my money. I’m so heated.