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Firefox Users: Less Ad Clicks

By - December 07, 2004

firefoxThis makes sense – Firefox users, who are arguably more sophisticated web surfers, apparently click less on Web ads than those who use Internet Explorer. Firefox blocks pop ups and can be set to block images as well. But I think the real reason is Firefox users know what they want.

Firefox is clearly the browser of choice for the digerati, and it’s doubled its market share in the past few months. But can it continue?

Slashdot mulls.

(via SEW)

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3 thoughts on “Firefox Users: Less Ad Clicks

  1. Gary Potter says:

    No reason to believe the trend won’t continue. From this graphic, it’s clear that Mozilla is rapidly gaining ground on IE.

  2. Alex Moskalyuk says:

    Firefox has not hit the mainstream yet, but enjoys overwhelming presence in the geek community. Geeks are a bit smart about advertising and thus are not likely to click on “punch the monkey” or “get a free ipod” ad as frequently as average Joe.

    With Firefox gaining users the click-through rate would go up, I think.

  3. Chloe says:

    I think what’s said here is completely true. I use Firefox, and I do know what I want, and I know where to find it on the web already. And from non-commercial advertising word-of-web kind of things… (blogs, e-mail, etc.)

    I don’t know if I click on ads any less than anyone else, really. I do click on some. But like Alex Moskalyuk said, I’m not clicking on the junk ads, nor have I ever clicked on pop-up ads because I’ve always thought them exceedingly annoying and it was always a boycott for me even before pop-up blocking.