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Tivo, Don't Forsake Us…

By - November 18, 2004

tivohotTwo items on Tivo, one a bit disturbing, the other merely entertaining zeitgiesty stuff. First, as many have noted all over the web, Tivo is adopting a new fast forward ad unit that shows banners as you skip commercials. I think this is pretty bad idea, honestly, but let’s see how it feels when implemented. And second, Gary points me to the Tivo Hot 100, the top shows as recorded by Tivo users via the “Season Pass” feature. Not many surprises here, but it’s still interesting to look at.

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One thought on “Tivo, Don't Forsake Us…

  1. jr says:

    Thing is, I can’t see how Tivo inserting their own ad on top of existing ads won’t be challenged by the networks.

    Didn’t Gator get their tail handed to them for doing the same thing?

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