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Move Over Big G…Here Comes….

By - November 19, 2004

Empower. This is getting old, but I did predict it….

First line of the release:

“Move over, Google … a new player is giving you a run for your high-speed money.”

The claims continue: “The service, built on a platform that produces results almost four times faster than, 11 times faster than, and edges out on momentum, prides itself on both speed and variation of results.”

If “variation” = “terrible” then they’ve succeeded….the engine looks to be entirely driven by pay-for-play.

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3 thoughts on “Move Over Big G…Here Comes….

  1. Holy cats, is it bad… I queried on “embassy” (I own, and it, and several similar pan-embassy-community sites always come up in any competent search engine’s top results) and got a mere 11 hits, about half of which related to Embassy Suites hotels.

    Move over, Google… someone cut a ripe one, and you don’t want to be anywhere in the vicinity!

  2. And I tried my usual vanity search for critical chain (project management methodology) and got a page of irrelevant “critical” adjectives and various business “chains.” Ugly.

  3. Tsingtao says:

    What a waste of space !

    Looking for our company name or anything useful gives a null result. Somebody should tell them that they’re rubbish !