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More AdWords Trademark Suits

By - November 27, 2004

George McGuireThis one has Company A (Brannock, the maker of those foot measuring devices) suing a Company B (ABC Industries) because Company B has purchased Company A’s trademarks as AdWords. This is distinct from Company A suing Google and/or Yahoo, as is the case with Gieco, American Blind, et al.

Brannock files keyword lawsuit

The article also reminds us of the Rescuecom case, in which Rescuecom took the Geico et al approach of suing Google. Rescuecom is a computer services franchiser. (Nod to Gary for putting the PDF up, and to Google for making it HTML).

I never cease to marvel at the role Google plays now in small to medium businesses. Name any fixture of our lives – a foot measuring device, for example – and demand for it is now aggregated through a Google keyword.

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