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Loads O News

By - November 10, 2004

Besides the MSFT news, more is coming and much more has past that I missed last week or that merits a quick post, but I’m buried so here’s a roundup:

dogpile2First off, Dogpile has launched a new feature it calls “IntelliFind” which “utilizes sophisticated query intelligence to assess the likely intent behind every entered query, enabling Dogpile to return more relevant results from a wider array of content sources.” Dogpile is a metasearch engine, using results from Google, Yahoo, Ask, About, LookSmart, and many others. I’m not a huge fan of how they list paid results, but the service keeps innovating, worth checking out.

10x10Last week 10×10 got a lot of buzz, this service lists the top 100 images and phrases that are driving news in any given hour. Cool to look at.

crystalsemYesterday Crystal Semantics announced “Textonomy Advance,” which “provides rapid contextual analysis of textual information online to identify the proper theme of each site and deliver the most effective advertisements. ” Sounds a little bit like Kaltix (though not about personalization).

dulanceAnd also yesterday Dulance, whose CEO has been posting in the shopping post below, announced an RSS comparison shopping application.

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One thought on “Loads O News

  1. Victor says:

    Here is another HUGE bit of news for the web platform.

    Amazon’s Queueing Service. Essentially this serves as a ninterconnect between smaller developers’ web services and allows them to rely on Amazon’s infrastructure. Maybe Sun was ahead of its time, not crazy, when they said “the network is the computer”