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Google Takes Another Step Toward Becoming Development Environment

By - November 19, 2004

Just got this note from Google PR on the beta introduction of the Google Deskbar API.

Today, Google announced the availability of the Google Deskbar API
(application programming interface). This technology makes it possible for
software developers to build their own features, or plug-ins, for the
popular Google Deskbar.

For instance, a developer could use Google Deskbar APIs to create a movie
search command that enables users to search their favorite movie site by
entering a movie name into the Deskbar search field and typing a special
command such as “Ctrl’M.” Other examples include:

– Locate and play a music play list on your hard drive
– Solve algebraic equations
– Send instant messages from the Deskbar (example: type “AIM
– [screen name] [message text]”)

Results will be displayed within the Google Deskbar mini-browser which
appears to the bottom right of the user’s computer. New features developed
with the Google Deskbar API will be displayed as an option in the Deskbar
main menu.

The Google Deskbar API is in the experimental, beta phase. We invite
developers to use the service and encourage them to send us their input and
feedback. Plug-ins can be written in any .NET language, such as C# or Visual
Basic.NET. More information about the Google Deskbar API can be found here:

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2 thoughts on “Google Takes Another Step Toward Becoming Development Environment

  1. Your link to the desktop api takes me to

    Unfortunately, your commenting system refuses to submit my comment because I mentioned the “g” word so you will need to search your article for the link (hint: it is the last link on the page).

  2. Stephane says:

    It didn’t take long,

    Google deskbar plugin for CHM files :

    The Google desktop search tool, still in beta, doesn’t support CHM (compiled html help) document types.