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Apple Talks Search

By - November 08, 2004

appleSlashdot has details on Apple’s integrated search function, noting that metadata will play a starring role. Apple’s new search technology, which will incorporate desktop search, is called Spotlight. More detail here. Spotlight is expected to be integrated into Apple’s next OS release, Tiger, due in Spring. From what I can glean from the thread, it seems Apple’s search tool will be well received. As a Mac guy, all I can say is hurry up!

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One thought on “Apple Talks Search

  1. Spotlight seems to set/follow the trend of greater integration with the file system. They’ve apparently dispensed with crawling and moved towards event-triggered, dynamic indexing, which overcomes one of my beefs with, eg, the Google search appliance.

    They’ve also expanded the search corpus to include metadata, and modularized the indexer to allow plug-ins.

    One question is whether it will handle workgroup or enterprise-type search, in OS X Server.