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Yahoo Buys Stata

By - October 22, 2004

stata-tmOld news, but much happens when you leave your keyboard for half a day to venture into the real world. Yesterday Yahoo bought Stata Labs, which I’ve written about here and here.

You may recall my conversation with Raymie Stata:

“I see search as falling behind,” Stata told me. “So much is accessible now.” He continued: “I don’t see how traditional search – crawl, take a 2.5 word query, and display ten results – can get much better.”

Our conversation focused on what search might teach us as we think about a post-Windows interface. Now Yahoo is clearly thinking about this as well (Google sure is). Seems to me this was a person and technology acquisition, rather than a product one. Yahoo does not plan to support the Bloomba product past next year.

Ross has more, as does Jeremy.

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