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Web 2.0 Day One

By - October 05, 2004

web2Wow, what a first day. Amazing workshops, and then really fun sessions. Bill Gross unveiled Snap, a very cool new engine that you can check out here (yeah, Snap, uh huh, in an earlier incarnation it was a failed Web 1.0 portal from CNet and NBC). And then early Google investor and Board member John Doerr, in a great interview with John Heilemann, let us know that Google was not going to sit on its hands w/r/t personalization, in fact, he said there will be announcements very shortly about Google’s next phase of personal search. Also, Rojo debuted, and we still have Marc Cuban to go tonight…

More to come, and much more on the web 2.0 site, where coverage is aggregated….

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One thought on “Web 2.0 Day One

  1. I guess that means you should be adding Snap to your “Search Companies” list on the right hand side? ;-)

    Perhaps, add the new engine Clusty too? Granted, it’s part of Vivisimo which is already on your list…

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