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The MS Hegemony Erodes?

By - October 03, 2004

opera_logo_smallThanks to Gary’s pointer, I’m looking forward to trying out this new Opera-based tool, the Opera Show Generator, which allows you to use your browser as a web-based slide player, a la Powerpoint. Again, a very Web 2.0 development.

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2 thoughts on “The MS Hegemony Erodes?

  1. Boris Mann says:

    Eric Meyer has done some work on having this work in any browser, not just Opera:

    Now we need a script/macro/whatever to export this from Keynote or Dreamweaver or some other such easy tool. Hmmm…maybe a Firefox XUL component?

  2. pb says:

    Are there any more resources on assisting us in using our browsers in place of PowerPoint? I search periodically and can’t find much. Just some style sheets would be nice and some JavaScript that enables you to key through the slides.