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Still Catching Up…

By - October 13, 2004

News and fun items from the past week that I missed:

Cops use Google to ID hit and run victim (AP). Neat anecdote, not very interesting in reality. Any cop who isn’t using Google already should be fired.

Google announces code jam finalists (Google PR). No details, but the big competition is October 15.

Google’s Print DRM is breakable, here’s how (Boing Boing). Slashdot has some tips for those with time on their hands.

Kayak travel search engine launches beta (ClickZ). “Google-like objectivity.” Where have I heard that before? Gary likes it.

PPC information from Fathom Online (MediaPost). Average PPC for finance category: $3.17. For telecom: $1.09.

Yahoo has a good quarter (Bloomberg). Some of that has to do with selling Google stock…otherwise it would have had an inline quarter.

Yahoo streamlines its home page (Yahoo PR). Jerry and I talked about this at Web 2.0, he says UI is a big big deal at yahoo (coverage here at BWeek).

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