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Searchblog: Tumbleweeds Ho

By - October 04, 2004

web2I won’t promise it, but I’ll wager Searchblog will be looking pretty unlived-in this week, as I’ll be focused on producing Web 2.0. When I am doing a conference, I tend to get in a kind of zone, and I forget about pretty much everything else. It’s three straight days of live stagecraft, and we have more than 60 speakers presenting, which is the most I’ve ever managed in one event. We also have evening events, from Google, Morpheus, and Yahoo, so the usual burst of late night items might be slow as well.

We invited a lot of press and bloggers, so I expect there will be plenty of places to grok the goings on. In fact, you might start with Google News, and perhaps check out who’s linking to us over at Feedster. Andy, Ross, Jeff, Wade, and I am sure others will also be blogging it. We’ll also put a link to all the coverage on the main site, once the event gets going.

I’m excited that this event, which began as an idea Tim and I shared nearly a year ago, is actually happening, and is so well attended. We hoped for 400-500, and we have more than 550 registered (yes, you can still come, but today is the deadline for the pre-show price. Walk in tix are quite dear). We hoped for 5-6 sponsors, and we have 15. And much of the support came in the last couple of months, as momentum built. It’s been a great education preparing for this. Thanks to everyone who is coming, and to all you Searchbloggers for putting up with my absence. There will be a killer search panel on Weds afternoon, and some news on search from Bill Gross, Yahoo, and others – so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Searchblog: Tumbleweeds Ho

  1. Looking forward to the conference!

  2. Rich Skrenta says:

    Ditto, looks like a really great lineup and I’m looking forward to the workshops. Nice job John!

  3. I wish I could be there!

  4. ID:entity says:

    Just landed, its going to be fun putting faces to all those rants over the past 9 months 🙂

    Now where is the bar???

  5. Scott Rafer says:

    We put the Feedster Link Search URL and matching Search Feed URL on our home page —