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By - October 11, 2004

b2webBiz 2.0, where I wear a columnist hat, has rendered its entire current issue in a quickly readable web format. I like it, though I’m not sure how I’d work it into my daily reading (I am sure that problem is being worked on…). In any case, it’s compelling to see it all on screen. Course it helps that I recently got a spiffy Apple 21-inch flat screen…Here’s my column, pictures and all.

UPDATE: Oops, you can’t link deep into the magazine, making it impossible to point, as I tried above, to a particular page. You have to navigate through the table of contents. Gotta get that one fixed, guys!

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2 thoughts on “Neat.

  1. Cimarron says:

    Yes, you can directly link …. You need to know the ordinal page number.

    For example, the link to your article is:

  2. brian says:

    finally, they decided to get their act together and compete with the rest of the magazines that are already online and freely available (wired/businessweek/fast company/forbes).