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More News of Note

By - October 02, 2004

Yes, I’m crushed by Web 2.0, but so much going on….

Google Launches Froogle UK(Cnet)
SFO Expansion, Ho.
FindWhat Launches AdSense Rival(ClickZ)
Category based, rather than contextual
Blinkx 2.0 Coming(InternetWeek)
Note the lengthy comments in my earlier post on Blinkx
Gary and Greg Grok(Searcher)
Gary Price interviews Greg Linden
Rifkin Riffs on the PersonalWeb
How big is your PersonalWeb? He does the math!
Google Should Be In the Browser Biz Bizweek
Technorati Does a Hackathon At Web 2.0
Details in the post.
The Next Big Thing (USA Today)
Feel that bubblicious press love
TiVo and NetFlix Join at the Hip(PVRBlog)
VOI anyone?
EFF Kicks Diebold’s Ass(Boing Boing)
On a roll…
Genocide at a Buck a Click (Ethan Zuckerman)
Who cares about Africa, he asks.

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