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Jeremy Is Back At It…

By - October 12, 2004

JZHYahoo’s most well known blogger Jeremy Zawodny is back on the Search team at Yahoo, but this time, with a new remit. From his post today:

Well, believe it or not, I’m going back to the Search Team[1] but in a very different role this time. Instead of hacking away on software bits, I’m going to be working to:
• make sure our products kick the necessary amount of ass
• better communicate what we’re thinking about and building
• incorporate outside feedback and ideas into what we’re doing
• recruit more smart people

And other stuff as it comes up, I’m sure.

He also includes a FAQ of sorts, which is a hoot. Excerpts:

Q: Does this mean your blog will be full of “check out this great Yahoo feature” posts? Will you still complain about things Yahoo doesn’t do well?

A: No, my blog will not turn into a corporate marketing tool. And yes, I fully intend to be honest about what I think we’re doing well and what we’re not. I’m still a harsh critic–both of our services and others. Hopefully anyone who has read my ramblings long enough knows this already.

Q: Will you still bash Google?

A: Heh. From time to time, I may. But I know a lot more people who work there now, so I’ve tried to tone it down a bit. They’re not that evil. 😉

Q: Did your blog have anything to do with getting this new job?

A: Yes. A lot.

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