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Google Code Jam Winners

By - October 18, 2004

artLast Friday was the second annual Google Code Jam. I find it interesting what tasks (as well as who) the company chooses to reward. Last year they announced it was a geolocation hack, as I recall. But this year, far as I can tell, they didn’t announce the actual hacks, just the winning hackers. Hmmm. A bit more research (and a reading of this Slashdot thread) has me thinking that this year they didn’t look for hacks, but rather had a standardized set of problems that folks coded against. That sounds far less interesting, IMHO.

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One thought on “Google Code Jam Winners

  1. This is the second year they’ve had the Code Jam instead of the open-ended version. I think the open-ended one had too many intellectual property issues — one either had to give one’s original idea away for $10,000, or borrow/steal something unpatented and try to make it look original.