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Comments Now Have Permalinks

By - October 12, 2004

Astute readers of this site (are there any other kind) may note that I’ve implemented permalinks for all comments. Thanks to Eric Case for the pointer to doing this, and to Scot Hacker, my extraordinary webmaster, for making it happen.

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6 thoughts on “Comments Now Have Permalinks

  1. John, Can you explain how you set it up and how to access a permalink for a comment please?

  2. The permalinks show up when you look at a permalink for a particular post. They don’t show up in the pop ups. I’ll ask Scot Hacker, my webmaster, to answer your other question…

  3. Tony Gentile says:

    I’m sorry, I know this is a bit juvenile… but your webmaster’s name is Mr. Hacker? That’s just so perfect. 😉

  4. Thanks John,

    I would love to do the same for my blog.

    In addition, reason I missed the permalinks in the comments is because I clicked on “comments” from the index page, which opens the comments in a new window as opposed to going to

    Thanks again, I look forward to the advice. And great stuff here as always!

  5. Scot Hacker says:

    Hi all – This was actually very easy to implement, based on instructions at magpiebrain:

    I won’t duplicate his simple code here, but basically each comment has a unique ID, which can be retrieved with an MT tag and turned into a named anchor. And likewise, can be made into a link (you need both the anchor and the link for this to function).

    It would be possible to do this on comment popup pages as well, but I wouldn’t advise it because when you’re sending someone to a comment permalink, especially one that was made in the past, they’re likely to want the context of the original post, which you don’t get with the popup.

  6. Thank you Mr. Hacker, this is perfect!