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A Peek at What's Coming from MSFT Search Labs

By - October 13, 2004

Again, I’m late on this but…Via Mamamusings, Elizabeth Lane Lawley’s blog. She was one of the “Search Champs” invited up to MSFT last week to see what’s on there.

Susan Dumais from MSR is our first presenter today, and explicitly released what she’s showing from the NDA. Yay!

She’s showing some really nifty stuff, including a personalized search tool that lets you do a web search, then drag a slider to make the results more customized based on what your local computer knows about you. It’s a split screen result, so you see the original results on the left, and the increasingly personalized results on the right. Very, very cool.

(Thanks, Pete)

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2 thoughts on “A Peek at What's Coming from MSFT Search Labs

  1. peter caputa says:

    no problem.

    this seems a lot like google’s first crack at personalized results.

  2. dan says:

    It was nice to see you blog get noticed on the News a few weeks ago.

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