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Your Own Private Island

By - September 24, 2004

omidWhen you Google Omid Kordestani, Senior vice president, world sales and field operations
at Google, you get the AdWord ad I’ve pictured at left.

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5 thoughts on “Your Own Private Island

  1. It must be nice to be an SVP at Google. 🙂

  2. billg says:

    good catch……btw, the Adword no longer appears when you execute this search……

  3. I just bought the island.

  4. Tony Gentile says:

    Battelle notes that a search on a Google SVP’s name turns up an Adwords ad for someone selling a private Caribbean island. (The ad has since disappeared, likely after someone’s account was depleted or the exec in question caught wind…)

    Which begs the questions: If GEICO (and others) can sue Google for trademark infringement, can individuals do the same?

    So what exactly is Google’s policy on accepting ads against a person’s name? Can you imagine your ex-wife running an Adwords ad against your name claiming that you’re a lazy, non-alimony paying loser?

    Your future employers would be grateful to know after all…

  5. I noticed this same island being advertised before when I searched for Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks).