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YAAN: Yet Another Ad Network

By - September 20, 2004

logoBlueContexAd launches today, meaning there’s yet another ad network to grok. I skimmed its Terms & Conditions, as far as I can tell, this one will accept bloggers, and has less onerous terms than Google. I am waiting for word on how large their advertising network is and confirmation on the blogging acceptance deal.

The company which runs ContextAd, called ContextWeb, claims in its press release to be faster and “4-6 times” more accurate than AdSense. It’s first round was funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson to the tune of $3 million. Release in extended entry.

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ContextWeb Launches ContextAd™, the Industry’s Only Real-Time,
Fully Automated Contextual Advertising Solution

Breakthrough Technology Enables Publishers to Maximize Advertising Effectiveness, Audience Reach and Inventory Management and Enhance Revenue Streams; Advertisers to Maximize Budget with Superior, Real-time Targeting

NEW YORK, NY – (September 20, 2004) – ContextWeb, Inc., a leading provider of high-precision, real-time contextual advertising solutions, today announced at Interactive Advertising World (booth #120) the launch of ContextAd™, which will dramatically alter online advertising dynamics by connecting advertisers to motivated customers with greater accuracy and speed. ContextAd is the industry’s first real-time and fully-automated solution, enabling instant analysis of Web site content and matching of contextually relevant advertisements with the highest appeal to viewers.

ContextAd can serve contextually relevant advertisements to the most motivated potential customer in as little as 20 milliseconds. ContextAd uses both content and keywords for analysis and matching, delivering unprecedented accuracy, ensuring four to six times greater likelihood that advertisements will be clicked and lead to sales. Because it is real-time, ContextAd can also respond to adjustments in the content of a Web site by delivering new ads, a critical advantage for reaching the viewer during short visits. ContextAd augments searches with a new level of reporting capabilities, allowing advertisers and publishers to determine campaign effectiveness and immediately alter location, site and timing of advertisements.

“We’re pleased to be launching a product that will define a new level of accuracy and efficiency in online advertising,” said ContextWeb founder and chief executive officer,
Anand Subramanian. “Our vision is to deliver a solution that fully maximizes the
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potential of the Web for publishers and advertisers. Our real-time capabilities and optimization algorithms are accomplishing this, redefining the speed and accuracy of Web-based advertising campaigns.”

In addition to guaranteeing a new level of accuracy in online advertising, ContextAd provides a host of benefits for publishers and advertisers. For publishers, matching the most appropriate spots to the most appropriate advertisers translates to the ability to better manage and sell inventory. Additionally, the technology’s unique ability to bridge keyword and category targeting means it can access new inventories that publishers can offer advertisers, creating entirely new revenue streams. These factors represent critical competitive and economic differentiators in the rapidly evolving online advertising category.

“We are pleased to be able to provide advertisers with ContextAd’s targeting capabilities, enabling them to dramatically enhance their ad spend and customer reach,” said Jason Glickman, vice president of business development for Tremor Network.  “Because we can offer more and better inventory to advertisers, we have been able to attract a larger crop of customers across a wide variety of vertical industries, providing both Tremor Network and our customers with expanded business opportunities.”

For advertisers, the benefits are obvious – an effectively targeted online ad spend can result in a substantial boost in sales and profitability. The opportunity to dramatically enhance conversion rates means advertisers can extend their budgets and reach a larger potential audience with every buy, resulting in lower cost per customer acquisition. Moreover, an advertiser experiences significant residual benefit working with a publisher that can offer a wider universe of targeted inventory than is available anywhere else.

“In the increasingly competitive world of Web advertising, ContextAd is a powerful tool for any company looking to enhance its online marketing performance,” said Andrew Wagner, chief executive officer for, Inc.  “Companies can easily leverage the benefits and features of ContextWeb’s breakthrough technology to achieve their customer lead, acquisition and sales goals.”

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About ContextWeb
Based in New York, NY, ContextWeb, Inc. provides high-precision, real-time contextual advertising solutions guaranteed to maximize the results and impact of online advertising. ContextWeb’s patent-pending ContextAd is the industry’s only real-time and fully automated solution that can serve contextually relevant advertisements to the most motivated potential customer in as little as 20 milliseconds. ContextAd uses both
content and keywords for analysis and matching, delivering unprecedented accuracy, dramatically extending audience reach and significantly increasing sales conversion rates. Additional information on ContextWeb can be found at

Sharon Carpenito Donna M. Murno
ContextWeb, Inc. Racepoint Group, Inc.
917.408.6301 781.487.4612

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One thought on “YAAN: Yet Another Ad Network

  1. jose says:

    contextweb does not pay your earned money. we run one year their provided advertisements on our website, but they never pay us. now we run advertisements from allinfobarn adnetwork, and they are paying us, not to much but it is ok. nothing to something is good.