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The Kleptones Storm the Web

By - September 30, 2004

The Kleptones - A Night At The Hip Hopera - front1Just finished listening to the KleptonesA Night At The Hip-Hopera (mirrors are there for downloading). Oh…My…God. Do people seriously want to make this kind of art illegal?
This clearly will stand with Danger Mouse’s Grey Album as a Declaration of Something New and Important as the entertainment world traverses its way from old to new models. It’s just…really really good. Powerful. Thoughtful. You know, all that stuff that … music is supposed to be.

(Thanks Hank and JH)

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2 thoughts on “The Kleptones Storm the Web

  1. Oh man, the “Under Pressure”/”Ice Ice Baby”/”Heaven is a Place on Earth”/rap (“Sniff”) is funny & thought-provoking, given the previous history of all of that.

    And hearing Ben Stein’s “Bueller?” in the previous track had me LMAO.

    What have the surviving members of Queen said about this (regardless of what their label may say)? (I’d also have to say that this giving me huge dorm flashbacks… I think that “Jazz” and “Night at the Opera” were among the first albums, in vinyl, I ever owned.)

  2. but have you seen the mashup *video* yet???
    sadly it looks like the lawyers already got to it.