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My Yahoo: Big RSS Embrace

By - September 27, 2004

myma_4l.gifA new My Yahoo is now in beta, and it really gives RSS the big bear hug. Here’s Jeremy on the launch….

Instead of “you can add anything you want, as long as it’s on the list of My Yahoo content” you can now add pretty much any public RSS or Atom feed. In other words, the content model is open.

Let me say that again, just for dramatic effect: the content model is open now…..
This not only makes My Yahoo relevant in the modern wave of syndication, it does something else–something that Yahoo is in a unique position to do: bring RSS to the masses.

It also integrates local content, if you’re registered, and…yup, Local Search will be there too. Coooool.

PS – Here’s Yahoo’s overview.

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4 thoughts on “My Yahoo: Big RSS Embrace

  1. eric says:

    This functions a LOT like the early versions of My Netscape, before the AOL merger. It offered RSS subscriptions back when RSS was brand new.

  2. ID:entity says:

    Content model is Open…..massive step forward for the user & the web for that matter!! This also actually forces all their traditional portal partners / or any potential content provider into feed generaton.

    The best strategy for de-portalisaton is to hit it head on!!

  3. Rich Skrenta says:

    That thing gets’s RSS has 16,000 My Yahoo subscribers from their beta alone (like Bloglines, they report the number of subscribers to a feed when they request it).

  4. Strani says:

    Well, My Yahoo has just closed in a few countries so those people will need something else. I switched to myself and I’m actually liking it more than I did My Yahoo.